The house is always a peaceful place

The hustled life in the city always draws us into working and worries. Sometimes we forget family is the core value. Do not take home a place to sleep - remember, it is always a peaceful place for our return.

The house has never lost its important position in personal and social life. Therefore, life becomes more and more civilized, it is not difficult to see many families looking for the perfect place to "build a home" in their lives. Ground houses were the first choice in the past. Nowadays, luxury apartments are considered the ideal choice for those looking for a warm, modern and balanced living space.

With many benifits such as more convenient, more aesthetic and scientific design as well as combined with modern infrastructure and entertainment complexes, luxury apartments are both a qualitied accommodation and a place for everyone cared health, emotions and egenerated positive energy every day. With the presence of the intellectual community, luxury apartments create the rhythm of modern and fashionable people and the new era’s families.

An ideal living space requires certain standards.

In addition to the synchronous and modern exterior facilities, the key which creates a relaxing living space, lies in the design and layout in the apartment. Grasping the flow of human needs, nowaday architects move toward a minimalist style, which is an ideal suggestion for those who love simplicity but it still retains elegance and sophistication.

Welcome the presence of nature

Nature is the first element that is warmly welcomed when it comes to a minimalist style. Window systems with large glass are calculated in the right direction to maximize the natural light and wind, and ensure a cool summer as well as a warm winter.

The natural light welcoming spaces

Wood is loved and utilized in many places such as floors, furniture, walls, ... making the space airy and rustic and creating a sense of closeness to nature.

Wood is considered the key material to bring closeness.

Each corner of the house can become an interesting green space with the cleverly combination of beautiful small plant pots in the room, bringing a relaxing and peaceful spirit when returning home.

Minimal space

Minimalism and sophistication always know how to make the soul quiet and peaceful.

Designing a house in a "minimalist" style has many differences in shape, colors usage and materials to help a small house to remain comfortable in the living space and create a gentle and cozy feeling. Flat design is considered the "standard" of minimalism.

By using a flat design, strong lines and optimizing spaces such as using in-wall shoe cabinet, combing wall or decorative items as well as using interior set with wooden or white tones, we will create tidiness.

The modern houses are designed neatly and cozily.

The indoor walkway is calculated to optimize space and have the most functionality. In addition, the indoor areas are also connected to each others such as kitchen and dining table connecting living room, bedroom integrated with working room, ...

For the high-handed architects, all the factors related to the apartment's structure will be carefully hidden, do not reveal the structure and cause any uncomfortable feeling even the most difficult one.

Real connections are the most important thing

With a busy working day, modern people see "home as a place to sleep" instead of "a place to come back", but that is not a true life. The house must be different from the hotel, it must be a place where the family gathers together, cultivates affection, and the owner wants to come back when feeling really tired..

The cozy atmosphere makes family’s members want to get closer.

The house’s color and structure in a minimalist style are even more effective in this regard. The combination of wooden neutral tones with soft pastel color interior creates a warm space that not only makes aesthetic sense but also makes people live closer to each other.

 Located in the center of My Dinh (No. 8 Le Duc Tho Str), The Zei (HD Mon Holdings) is a modern "vertical city" with minimalist designed apartments that are prevalent in the world. Being high 42-storey, The Zei spends a lot of space for modern facilities, connect people together and people with nature such as green gardens, meditation gardens, four-season swimming pool, modern cinema system, working office ... Being rated as the project that owns the most types of apartments today, The Zei's apartments bring the luxurious warm experience of 5-star hotels that the architect has cleverly created by the perfect arrangement of space architecture.

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